If you’re expecting a baby chances are you have already started the process of making your home as safe as possible for your arriving little one.  It can be a very overwhelming task.  No need to fear!  Here are some tips for a perfectly baby proofed home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start baby proofing because it is full of appliances that can cause harm to your child.  While it may be a while before your little one starts to explore this area of your home, it is never too late to start!

  • Install cabinet child safety locks
  • Keep cleaning supplies out of reach
  • Place child safe covers over burners
  • Store plastic bags and plastic wrap safely out of reach
  • Keep knives locked away
  • Consider switching to more natural kitchen products
  • Always put away glassware
  • Put a safety latch on microwave and over doors

The Living Room

Baby proofing your living room is a no brainer.  Until your child is ready to explore, the living room may the place that they will spend the most time in.  When baby proofing the living room, keep these things in mind.

  • Use safe outlet covers
  • Keep cords tucked away and out of sight
  • Avoid placing glass vases and other breakables on low tables
  • Use child safe door knobs on all doors including closets
  • Keep electronics, like DVD players out of reach
  • Power strips should be safely ground
  • Blind cords should be tied up
  • Install a baby gate or pen to keep your child secure
  • Fill the room with softer furniture
  • Use corner protectors on and sharp corners

The Bathroom

While the bathroom may seem like a fun place to your child, with all the water for them to splash in, chances are you want to keep them clear of this room.  Keeping them out of the bathroom at all times is impossible so try these tips on baby proofing till help ease your mind.

  • Lid lock on the toilet
  • Turn the maximum hot water temperature down on your tank
  • Keep harmful chemicals out of reach
  • Install cabinet locks on cabinets
  • Avoid using loose air fresheners
  • Always keep medicine locked up
  • Never leave out mouthwash
  • Place a motion activated night light for potty training

The Nursery

While your child is still young, their room will be little more to them than a place to sleep.  Once your child is on the move however, their nursery will become their favorite place to play.  This makes the nursery the most important room to baby proof.

  • Cover all outlets
  • Install a no-jam lock to keep your child’s fingers from getting slammed
  • Use a LED night light because they don’t get hot
  • Tie up and secure any loose wires
  • Cover door handles with no-turn covers
  • Keep crib away from low windows
  • Anchor dresser to the wall
  • Avoid glass or breakable decorations
  • Fill the room with comfy furniture

The Little Things

Now that the main rooms in your house are baby proof, there are just a few remaining details that need to be looked after to guarantee you a safe house.  Often times it is the little things that get overlooked, here are some things to look out for.

  • Baby gates at the top of stairs
  • Batteries properly secured in their toys
  • Old batteries promptly thrown away
  • Keep magnets out of reach
  • Put away toys that are not age appropriate yet because they may have small parts
  • Keep toys in baby safe storage bins
  • Make sure windows have safe lock feature
  • Keep food that may be a choking hazard out of reach
  • Soften hardwood floors with an area rug

Wrapping it up!

Baby proofing your home from top to bottom has never been easier. With just a little work and time, your home will be ready for your arriving baby.   Just make sure to follow you instincts because parents do know best.  At the end of the day there is no better protection for your baby than supervision so be sure to always keep a watchful eye on your little one.  Good luck