You child’s body has been on a fast during sleep time and it is advisable that the food he or she takes in the morning be healthy as well as delicious. Make something enjoyable that will enhance his or her mood in preparation for the school ahead. A good breakfast creates the impression that you care about the emotions and health of the child. You at least need a variety of 10 foods that you can alternate throughout the week. Below are ten smart breakfast ideas for you that are simple and yet manageable.

1. Oatmeal 
Homemade Oatmeal stands among the greatest breakfast foods to any family. However, what challenges some parents not to consider it, is because they do not know the technique and strategy to prepare it fast enough. Ideally, preparing oatmeal from scratch is simple; -avoid the heavily processed oat that comes with single portions, and go with the steel cut oatmeal, as they are least processed. To soften your oats, soak them overnight. With homemade oatmeal, the kid will enjoy the staple.

2. Nuts with Pancakes
Morning hours fly so fast and you may sometimes wake up late. That’s why having some pancakes in your freezer or refrigerator will be a smart breakfast idea. However, ensure the flour recipe is healthy; soak it overnight, and then you always toast the pancakes when demand arises. Let the kids enjoy the lighter and fluffier pancakes with some nut butter.

3. A toast spread with Pumpkin Butter
The good thing with pumping butter is, you can comfortably make it at home and it is very enjoyable on apple slices. For an exceptional treat to the kid, spread the pumpkin butter nicely over the whole grain bread.

4. Baked goods
Sometimes you don’t want to complicate a breakfast delicacy, but ensure it remains healthy. Here, you can have some pre-made healthy and nutritious biscuits or muffins on hand. Whole grain crackers are a good choice because they are natural and healthier. A quick scrambled egg will supply the protein required, also, don’t forget the benefits of a piece of fruit when serving.

5. Italian Breakfast Skewers
Most kids like this breakfast, however, it takes lots of time to prepare and cook them. The technique to tackle this recipe is doing it on the less hectic mornings.

6. Eggs
Eggs are a great choice, especially when you are pressed for time. Scrambled eggs are amazing, cook fast and appetizing. Ideally, you can alternate scrambled eggs with boiled ones. Simply work smarter by having the eggs boiled the night before, and serve with a slice of wholemeal bread to balance the diet.

7. Oat Bran Muffins
Muffins are generally easy to make, but watch out not to repeatedly use them for breakfast. They have high-calorie content, and the technique of lowering the calories is serving with some Oat Bram recipe that will replace the oil. Off cause never forget to add some fruits to balance everything on the menu, Here; I advise some pecans and raspberry.

8. Fruit Smoothies
If your kid is among those who feel nauseated in the morning such that he or she doesn’t want to eat anything in the morning, real fruit smoothies will save a lot. Breakfast drinks are an excellent option to ensure the kid gets the energy and nutrition for the long day ahead. Get some milk, yogurt, juice and frozen fruit, blend them together and serve, not too cold off cause.

9. Breakfast Burrito Bowl
These can be eaten anytime, breakfast lunch or dinner. They are packed, and flavored, with higher protein content ;which helps in growth and repair of worn out tissues.

10. Slow Cooker Oatmeal and Cereals
This one is best when you prefer a hot and ready made breakfast. However, make it sound interesting to the child to make him enjoy the meal.

Other than the above, adding the below listed in your collection makes you more of a breakfast genius:
• Breakfast Popsicles
• Breakfast Banana Pops
• French Toast With Berries
• Fruity Breakfast Parfaits
• Breakfast Burrito Bites
• American Flag Toasts
• Berry and Mango Swirl

Ideally, parenting can be fun especially when you allow creativity to take its course. At first, you may feel as if some breakfast ideas are so involving but once you get used, everything becomes enjoyable. Good parenting is the best gift you can offer to your kid.