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When is a Baby Not a Newborn

When is a Baby Not a Newborn? How It Affects Their Growth and Development

As a new parent gazing affectionately at your tiny, adorable bundle of joy, those first few weeks fly by in a blur of feedings, diaper changes, and sweet snuggles. Before you know it, your little one starts to transform right before your eyes – they sleep a bit longer, show more facial expressions, and push […]

Best Educational Websites for Kids 2

25+ Best Educational Websites for Kids: Awesome Resources to Boost Their Learning

As a parent, you want to give your kids every possible advantage when it comes to their education and development. One great way to supplement school or homeschooling efforts is by leveraging the best educational websites for kids. The internet is filled with fun, engaging resources like the top websites for children that can boost […]

Why Do Babies Grab Your Face 2

Why Do Babies Grab Your Face? 9 Adorable Reasons You’ll Love

As a new parent, few things make you melt more than when your sweet little bundle of joy reaches up to gently stroke, pat, pinch, or grab your face. Their tiny hands explore the terrain of your facial features with innocent curiosity, grabbing at your nose, eyes, ears, and mouth as if mapping out an […]

Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat

Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat? A Comprehensive Review

As a parent who’s always on the go with my little one, I’ve definitely wondered, “can you safely feed a baby in a car seat?” It would make things so much easier when we’re out running errands or on a road trip if I could feed my baby while she’s strapped into her car seat! […]

Why Do Babies Cry When You Moo at Them 2

Why Do Babies Cry When You Moo at Them? The Hidden Meaning Behind Their Tears

Have you seen those viral TikTok videos where parents moo at their babies and film their distressed, crying reactions? As hilarious as some people find them, it makes you wonder – why do babies cry when you moo at them? As a parent myself, I was curious to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. […]

How Many Pacifiers Do I Need 8

How Many Pacifiers Do I Need? Discover the Best Practices for Your Baby

As a new parent, few things can be more frustrating than a wailing baby that you can’t seem to soothe. While techniques like swaddling, shushing, and swaying work wonders for some infants, others seem near-impossible to calm without the help of a trusty pacifier. However, questions may arise around how many pacifiers you truly need […]

Child Rubbing on Furniture 2

Child Rubbing on Furniture: How to Stop This Annoying Habit

As a parent, I know how perplexing some childhood behaviors can be. My son went through a phase where he would rhythmically rub his body against the corner of our couch whenever he had the chance – a habit known as ” Child Rubbing on Furniture .” At first I worried it might be a […]

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