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baby grabbing back of head thumbnail

The Ultimate Solution for Baby Grabbing Back of Head : No More Tears or Fears

Seeing my little one baby grabbing back of head and crying out in distress felt like a punch in the gut. As a first-time mom, I had no idea what was causing this behavior or how to make it stop. I felt powerless to help my poor baby, who would scream and clutch the back […]

baby keeps rolling onto tummy and crying thumbnail

The Ultimate Solution for Baby Keeps Rolling Onto Tummy and Crying

As an exhausted parent whose sweet slumber is shattered yet again by the sudden shrieks of their once peacefully sleeping baby, you drag yourself out of bed and shuffle zombie-like down the hall. Peering over the crib railing, your bleary eyes struggle to comprehend how your little angel has mysteriously flipped over onto their tummy […]

baby walks on knees thumb

Why Do Baby walks on Knees? An Adorable Milestone on the Path to Walking

As a parent, watching your baby hit developmental milestones can be incredibly exciting. From coos and smiles to first crawls and steps, each new achievement fills your heart with pride and joy. However, you may find yourself puzzled when your baby walks on knees or opts to scoot around on their knees instead of properly […]

baby only rolls one way

Don’t Panic If Your Baby Only Rolls One Way – Here’s Why

As a parent in those early days, you look forward to each new milestone with eager anticipation. Will they laugh today? Will they sit up on their own soon? And when will they finally figure out that tricky rolling business? You’ve been dutifully doing tummy time day after day. And one glorious morning, you see […]

when do babies walk backwards

When Do Babies Walk Backwards? The Truth Behind This Fascinating Milestone

When Do Babies Walk Backwards? That question started swirling through my mind recently as I noticed my 14-month-old daughter Amelia taking some tentative backward steps for the first time. I decided to dig into the research on When Do Babies Walk Backwards – and discovered there’s much more to this milestone than meets the eye! […]

baby scratching head when sleepy

How to Stop Your Baby Scratching Head When Sleepy and Prevent Serious Infections

As a parent gazing down at your peacefully sleeping baby, few things inspire more warmth and affection. But just when the precious angel looks like they’re drifting off, their small hand reaches up and…scratch scratch. Cue the questions flooding our minds. Why does my baby scratch their head only when sleepy? Is it just an […]

baby's head fell back unsupported

What to Do If Your Baby’s Head Fell Back Unsupported: Tips and Advice

That heart-stopping moment when your precious baby’s head fell back unsupported is all too familiar for many parents. As a new mom struggling to balance my wiggly two-months-old’s proportionally giant melon on his little noodle neck, I’ve definitely panicked a few times when his head slipped off my arm. But after checking in with our […]

baby standing in crib

Baby Standing in Crib: A Sign of Development or Danger?

Seeing your little ones pull themselves up to stand in their crib for the first time is an exciting milestone. Their beaming smile fills you with pride at this new achievement. However, the adventure-seeking standard can also raise safety concerns. Is crib standing an innocent step in their development? Or a dangerous maneuver needing intervention? […]

Is it bad to hold baby in standing position

Is it bad to hold baby in standing position?

As parents, we want to give our babies the best possible start in life. We celebrate each developmental milestone with joy and pride. Seeing your little one pull up to stand for the first time is certainly an exciting moment! But is it bad to hold baby in standing position? There has been some debate […]

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