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signs baby is cold at night 2

Signs Baby Is Cold at Night: What Every Parent Needs to Know

As a new parent during those cold winter months, I remember how worried I’d get about whether our little guy was warm enough overnight. Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures like we can, so it’s vital to monitor signs baby is cold at night to ensure safe, cozy sleep. After plenty of long, anxious nights […]

Moms on Call 4 8 Week Schedule

Moms on Call 4 8 Week Schedule: The Secret to a Happy and Healthy Baby

As a frazzled new mom struggling to establish a good sleep routine for my daughter, I desperately needed help. Late night googling led me to the Moms on Call 4 8 Week Schedule – a structured baby care plan aimed at helping little ones sleep through the night as early as 8-12 weeks old. Sounded […]

will ceiling fan make newborn sick

Can you have a ceiling fan on with a newborn ? The Startling Truth Revealed

As a new parent, I remember worrying about every little thing when bringing my baby girl home. Is her room warm enough? Is the air clean enough? Are there dangerous germs hiding anywhere?! And those sleek, spinning ceiling fans in the nursery certainly caught my attention. Could these seemingly harmless devices actually be transmitting illness […]

baby won't go to sleep until 11pm 2

Baby Won’t Go to Sleep Until 11pm? Try These 7 Amazing Tricks

Is your sweet babe fighting off sleep until all hours of the night? As an exhausted parent with a baby won’t go to sleep until 11pm or later, a child who refuses bedtime can be beyond frustrating. But have hope – with some effort and consistency using the tips below, you can shift your late-night […]

how to keep toddler from climbing out of crib

How to Keep Toddler from Climbing Out of Crib: 5 Effective Tips

As a parent of a young toddler, I know firsthand the panic of discovering my child figuring out how to climb out of their crib – a scenario all parents inevitably face. My daughter first pulled her Houdini act shortly after turning 18 months old. No amount of babyproofing prep work could eliminate my shock […]

will ceiling fan make newborn sick

Will Ceiling Fan Make Newborn Sick? A Comprehensive Guide

As a parent of a newborn, I certainly understand the constant worries about your little one’s newborn sleep environment and baby room comfort. It’s so easy to spiral down an overwhelming trail of “what if’s” and scary internet searches about ceiling fan safety standards for your delicate infant sleep environment. Believe me, I’ve stayed up […]

Baby Sleeping Face Down in Mattress 2

Baby Sleeping Face Down in Mattress: Alarming Risks and How to Prevent Them

As a new parent, I understood the importance of a good night’s sleep, but I didn’t realize all the specifics about creating a safe sleep environment for my baby. When I walked into the nursery one night to find my baby sleeping face down in mattress with her face pressed into the mattress, it set […]

baby banging hands on everything

Baby Banging Hands on Everything: The Surprising Reason Behind It

As a parent, you’ve likely witnessed your once peaceful infant suddenly begin drumming their hands loudly on whatever surface is nearby – the floor, their highchair tray, the dog’s back. While seeing your baby banging hands on everything can be cute at first, the constant hand banging on everything quickly becomes less endearing. You may […]

sick baby won't sleep

Sick Baby Won’t Sleep? 9 Surprising Reasons and Solutions

As a parent trying to manage a sick baby won’t sleep, I understand how stressful it can be when your little one struggles with disrupted sleep. Between battling stuffy noses, painful ear infections, mysterious tummy troubles, and other common childhood illnesses, there are so many potential culprits behind your baby’s sleep problems. When my daughter […]

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