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The LeatherSteppers shoes feature premium leather uppers and anti-slip rubber soles designed to support babies during their important first steps. The soft leather provides comfort while the durable sole gives traction for those early walkers. With vibrant colors and prints, these shoes keep your child safe while making walks fun.
  • Leather upper – soft and comfortable
  • Rubber outsole – provides traction and anti-slip grip
  • Cotton lining – breathability and moisture absorption
  • Lace-up closure – adjustable fit
  • Textile insole – cushions baby’s steps
  • EVA midsole – shock absorption and support
  • TPR heel counter – stabilizes the heel
  • Synthetic trim – decorative accents
  • Multicolor prints – fun patterns and designs
  • Metal eyelets – for secure lace closure
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Care Guide
  1. Clean Regularly: Wipe off dirt with a damp cloth.
  2. Air Dry: Let them air dry, avoid heat.
  3. Rotate Shoes: Ensure even wear.
  4. Check for Damage: Inspect for wear and tear.
  5. Store Dry: Keep in a cool, dry place.

The LeatherSteppers shoes are specially designed for babies taking their first steps. The soft leather upper material provides comfort with every wobbly walk, while the anti-slip rubber sole gives stable traction.

Key features include:

  • Premium leather upper for softness
  • Lace-up closure for secure fit
  • Non-slip rubber sole for safety
  • Fun multicolor prints
  • For babies 13-24 months
  • True-to-size fit

As your little one goes from crawling to cruising to walking, the LeatherSteppers support healthy development. The flexible construction allows natural foot movement, while the durable materials prevent wear and tear. Your child will love the vibrant colors and prints that make walks fun.

With a focus on stability, durability and comfort, these leather shoes give your child the confidence to find their footing. The snug lace-up design provides a custom fit for growing feet. Let your baby embrace their newfound mobility in these thoughtfully designed first shoes.


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