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19 Best Gifts for Gender Reveals That Will Make Everyone Happy ( And What to Avoid)

Gender reveal celebrations have become increasingly popular ways for expecting parents to share their baby’s sex with loved ones. As enjoyable as these festive gender reveal party gatherings tend to be, guests often wonder what the best gender reveal gifts would be for the big reveal.

In this extensive post, we’ll overview 19 top gifts for gender reveals that soon-to-be moms, dads, grandparents and other attendees will appreciate. Plus which presents to avoid bringing so as not to inadvertently dampen the happy occasion with something insensitive.

Types of Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties come in all shapes and sizes nowadays thanks to the trend continuing to grow. Some parents opt for quiet, intimate affairs shared only between the two of them privately. Others go all out with elaborate pink or blue color schemes and mixed company attending ranging from immediate family to coworkers, neighbors and everyone in between!

Virtual gender reveal parties have also become quite common the past few years for families to include far-away loved ones in sharing the exciting news over video chat. These tend to premiere on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live or Instagram.

Gender reveal gift ideas can vary slightly depending on the scale, formality and attendees of the chosen celebration style. Smaller gatherings may warrant more personal presents just for the parents themselves. Larger in-person bashes with kids running around also benefit from having additional fun activities on hand or favors the children can enjoy too.

Virtual parties mean selecting a gift the recipients can make use of right away from afar vs. physical items requiring shipping. Some ideas that work beautifully for virtual gender reveals range from gift cards to meal delivery services, monthly baby product subscriptions, leaning into creative virtual baby shower games, or even coordinating a simultaneous toast by having champagne delivered to all attendees in advance!

Theme IdeaFood & DrinkDecorationsEntertainment
CarnivalCotton Candy & Snow ConesTicket Booths, StreamersCarnival Games, Prizes
ParisianCrepes, MacaronsFlower GarlandsMusical Performances
CampingS’mores, Campfire SnacksTents, LanternsScavenger Hunt, Hiking
Gender Reveal Party Ideas
gifts for gender reveals 2
Gifts for gender reveals . Image Credit: Canva

Most Popular Gifts For Gender Reveal

These gender reveal gift ideas tend to resonate delightfully across all types of gender reveal celebrations, whether smaller intimate gatherings or big blowouts! They also appeal wonderfully to the expecting parents themselves as well as visiting family and friends attending the festivities.

Keepsake baby frames or albums – Consider gifting a sweet picture frame they can display the first cherished baby sonogram photo in. Even better, gift an entire baby memory book or album for parents to fill with precious milestones in the months ahead. These make wonderful mementos they’ll treasure.

Onesies & baby clothes – Choose several adorably printed onesies or baby outfits in gender neutral colors if the pending baby’s sex remains unknown at reveal time. Or opt for little pink dresses or a baby blue vest printed with trucks to coordinate with and accentuate the predetermined reveal scheme.

Diapers & baby care essentials – Stock up their supply by gifting practical multipacks loaded with those never-ending baby necessities like diapers, wipes, washcloths and nursing pads in sizes they’ll need down the road. Add some fun decorative ribbon or accessories to help dress up the useful presents.

Children’s books & plush animals – Reading and vocal interaction with babies can stimulate developing minds starting right from the womb! Gift a sweet bundle of soft baby board books tailored for their little one’s future story time. Select titles with rhyming, counting or endearing messages they’ll soon enjoy exploring together. Pair books with a snuggly stuffed animal pal.

Luxurious baby blankets – Search for that perfect extra soft blankie to gently swaddle and comfort their expected little prince or princess. Consider customized keepsake baby blankets embroidered with elegant details like baby’s name which they can tenderly cherish.

Gift cards for baby shopping – While less personal on the surface, gift cards truly do take the guesswork out of shopping by empowering new moms and dads to pick out their own preferred brand of baby items and necessities. Consider providing gift cards to convenient popular retailers like Target, Walmart, BuyBuy Baby, Amazon or Visa/Mastercards to use anywhere. Always include gift receipts when possible with other gifted items should sizing or styles not work for the recipients. This allows for simple exchanges.

Gifts Under $25Gifts $25 – $50Gifts Over $50
Baby SocksBaby BlanketsNursing Glider
Burp ClothsHooded TowelsCar Seat Stroller Combo
Pacifier ClipsBooks & Plush BundleBaby Swing
Teethers & RattlesDiaper CaddyBassinet
Board BooksKeepsake FrameCrib Mattress
Popular Gender Reveal Gift Ideas By Price Range

Gifts for Expecting Parents

Don’t forget about spoiling the Guests of Honor – make the expectant mother and father feel extra special with these gender reveal party gifts personalized just for them.

Matching his & hers mugs or shirts – Moms and dads will get a kick out of receiving their own clever matching mugs vividly announcing the baby’s gender. His blue mug spouting phrases like “Beards, Burps & Boogers – Oh Boy!” and hers in playful shades of pink “Afternoon Naps, Long Baths & Mommy Juice – It’s a GIRL!” They’ll put them to good use sipping coffee or tea in their last few quiet months before the baby changes everything.

Another mega cute idea is matching shirts for Mom & Dad celebrating their two-person parenting team expanding soon! Whether revealing they’re becoming a three-person squad or expecting their fifth, two halves coming together to make a whole always make memorable keepsakes.

Luxury spa & pamper gift baskets – Moms carrying babies put serious physical strain on their bodies and will certainly have earned some pampering! Gift an indulgent self-care basket loaded with body lotions, scented candles, plush robes, cozy slipper socks, and other treats to help soothe and recharge fatigued spirits. Extend the same lavish pampering experience to dads as well with products like engraved flasks, socks, or neckties – don’t forget about their mental health in the parenting equation either!

Couples massage gift certificates – Speaking of pampering and relaxation, prenatal couples massage certificates make tremendously thoughtful gifts giving them something extra bonding and rejuvenating to look forward to before baby’s arrival. The process grows tiring for both parties! So set them up with a blissful side-by-side couples massage experience helping them de-stress and cherish calm togetherness while they still can.

Night Off” childcare vouchers – Stuff a cute envelope or decorative jar with certificates good for a certain number of hours of free babysitting services by you later on once baby comes and they need a much-deserved date night or little break. Even better if you team up with a few other family/friends to give a booklet of vouchers. A small way to remind the expecting couple to treasure enjoying couple time before their world flips.

Pregnancy milestone keepsake gifts – These could include framed sonogram photos from each trimester, plaster molds capturing the expecting mother’s growing baby bump, photo books compiling their pregnancy journey, or comfy pregnancy t-shirts for mom like ones with silly graphics of baby sizes compared to various fruits those nine months. A amazing way for parents to document the fleeting magic!

gifts for gender reveals 3
Gifts for gender reveals . Image Credit: Canva

Gifts Welcoming Baby

While gender reveal celebrations rightly focus around discovering baby’s biological sex, ensure some love also goes toward the new little brother or sister themselves with sweet gender reveal gifts they’ll enjoy once born.

Adorable baby milestone books – Help new parents capture more sweet memories with a baby milestone sticker book for recording baby’s precious new developments and accomplishments spanning ages newborn through toddlerhood! Or purchase a cherished baby book with fill-in areas to detail their birth story, jam in hospital bracelets, footprints and those priceless first photos.

Plush animals & sensory toys – An ultra-soft neutral colored stuffed lovie or sweet musical toy makes for prime baby shower gift picks. Babies will one day play and snuggle these security pals. Bonus if the toys also crinkle, rattle or enrich with contrasting patterns/colors to stimulate developing eyes and minds.

Silver baby keepsake gifts – Opt for an engraved silver plated cup or bank custom-embossed with baby’s full name and exact birth details which they can display in the nursery then cherish forever. Consider including spaces to insert a photo and hospital bracelet or clip of baby’s first lock of hair as well. Such unique mementos.

Keepsake hand & footprint DIY kits – Assist parents with capturing clay imprints of their tiny newborn’s delicate little hands, feet and even nose! Provide a plaster kit including space to tack on precious first photos and birth specifics for safe keeping. Wonderful family heirloom gifts.

Hooded animal towel & bath time gift basket – Fresh, zippy citrus scents in baby wash/shampoos uplift moods while gentle enough for infants. Gift a darling hooded animal towel set bundled with sweet matching rubber duckies, cotton balls, baby face cloths and favorite natural bath time products to gently cleanse delicate new skin. Useful baby shower favors!

Gifts Welcoming Siblings

For growing families already blessed with older kids, thoughtful gender reveal gifts helping big brothers, sisters and cousins feel included with the new baby’s upcoming debut goes a tremendously long way. These thoughtful ideas help assure existing children the expanding family represents happy additions – not replacements!

“I’m the big sister!” personalized shirts & hats – Let older kids proudly pronounce their new roles right on their chests wearing sweet custom shirts specifically tailored for siblings, often found in inclusive “Big Brother Bear” or “Big Sister Unicorn” motifs. Bonus points if the items feature the baby’s name too! Beanies and caps work as well.

New sibling activity kits & gear – Fill useful backpacks or personalized totes with engaging books about becoming families, fun new sibling sticker rewards, handwritten letters from parents, tasty candy treats, baby doll accessories just for them! Also include noise-canceling headphones for when baby gets loud ,privately labeled water bottles, and other useful goodies to drum up genuine excitement welcoming their tiny new roommate.

“Promoted to Big Sister/Brother” personalized bedroom decor – Special gifts honoring a child’s monumental “graduation” to becoming a big sibling include mugs for their cocoa announcing the long-awaited promotion, as well as meaningful bedroom wall signs or door plaques commemorating their new seniority for all peers to admire too!

Big brother & big sister storybooks – Select sweet stories told from the perspective of an older sister or brother anticipating baby’s arrival to normalize feelings from curiosity to slight jealousy they may grapple with. Representing an array of emotions helps hesitant kids feel understood and trusted to adjust in their own timing. Perfect for reading snuggled up to calmly discuss together.

Cherished Gifts for Eager Grandparents

Grandmas, Grandpas and Grandfriends eagerly await bonding with their newest little bundle of joy as well! These special keepsake Gender Reveal gifts ideas help make far-away grandparents feel happily involved.

***Custom ultrasound frames & ornaments commemorating grandbaby *** – Treasured sonogram photo gifts honor Grandparents’ pride for baby-to-be! Consider a framed black and white photo of tiny grandbaby’s very first ultrasound image for them to proudly display. Or have the ultrasound picture elegantly silver-plated onto glass holiday ornaments complete with engraved names/dates for decorative keepsakes sure to hold loads of meaning for them.

Personalized Grandparent establishment gifts & apparel – Outdoor signs with changeable grandchild names help welcome visitors to “Grant & Glamma’s House Established 2023”. Or gift novelty grandfather T-shirts announcing “Newest Member of the Grandpa Squad – Arriving 2023”. Maybe a set of his & hers photo coffee mugs updated yearly always picturing the latest grandbabies! Grandmas especially glow over these sweet boasts of their legacy expanding.

***Hand & Footprint casting kits to preserve in plaster *** – As referenced earlier for parents themselves keeping first baby hand/foot impressions, gifting casting kits allows far-away grandparents to DIY that same priceless memento with printed instructions for mailing. Include petite hospital ID bracelets for them to embed directly into plaster as irreplaceable artifacts of precious new life once baby arrives earthside. Beautiful lifelong treasures.

Recordable children’s books to share their voices – Imaginative personalized books allow beloved grandparents, aunties/uncles or godparents to privately record audio of themselves reading the fairytale stories inside which baby can listen on repeat. A beloved nostalgic activity meaning the world, since distance and time may limit future chances to read in-person together. Foster deep heart connections!

Layette lovey security blankie & care package – Search sites like Etsy for ultra-soft thermal baby blankets screenprinted with meaningful graphics like family trees including parents & grandparents’ names for an incredible treasured heirloom. Pair it with a care package filled with burp cloths, organic skin balms and shampoos, nursing pads etc for grandparents to pamper baby with at next visit.

Hilarious Gag Gifts

The tidal wave of emotions surrounding baby’s imminent arrival often calls for some comedic relief as counterbalance. These unique gender reveal ideas for funny gag gifts are sure to spice up celebrations by providing hysterical hilarious memories along with the milestone.

Big sibling “survival kits” care packages – Help kids humorously brace for baby’s amusing antics by gifting big brother and sister special ceremonial “survival kits.” Fill hiker daypacks bearing their name with exaggerated emergency provisions such as noise-canceling headphones, blindfold sleep masks in event baby wakes them, warning signs for their bedroom door: ”Baby Recon Zone – Enter At Own Risk!”, candy/snacks to fuel patience, silly chill pills (M&Ms), walkie talkies to beckon parents, personalized ear plugs cases for peace etc! Very playful way to convey baby’s arrival may shake up dynamics but ultimately they will adjust in unique way.

Outlandishly funny baby onesies – Keep things cheeky with onesie outfit changes for the guest of honor infant announcing silly stuff like “If Found, Please Return to the Boob I Left” or for messes “Today’s Forecast Calls For Pee, Pee & More Pee!” Sprinkle in harmless potty humor like “I Pooped Today!” These crass infant clothes never disappoint cracking up the whole fam.

Oversized safety pin props & temporary tattoos – Clip gigantic understated safety pin props on shirts to pose for some extra snaps with the anxiously awaiting parents. Bonus points if guests also sport temporary baby-themed tattoos on arms with things like baby footprints and stork delivery designs. Then bestow it all upon mom and dad as a kitschy prop kit coming soon to delivery room near you!

gifts for gender reveals 4
gifts for gender reveals . Image Credit: Canva

Gender Reveal Gifts Worth Avoiding

While most ideas shine beautifully, certain gender reveal gifts can unintentionally cast an insensitive or impersonal pall over the otherwise celebratory lighthearted occasion. Heed caution with these presents.

Actual alcohol gifts – While the non-pregnant adult attendees may personally indulge in a glass of bubbly champagne or signature cocktail to salute the baby announcement news, limit given alcohol gifts to just the purely symbolic variety – perhaps a nice bottle of vino intended “for sharing with baby later at their wedding!” Rather than physical wine for guzzling now, which new abstaining moms may feel excluded from and tempted by. Instead provide fancy mocktails, hot chocolate bar condiments, desserts or fun drink stirrers to include everyone present in toasting the baby-to-be.

Overzealous baby supplies – Assuming all parents share your same nursery décor taste by gifting unsolicited truckloads of blankets, pumps, stuffed animals, albums or wall art is a risky move. While kindly intentioned, the recipients’ preferences may not match yours. Instead offer helpful gift cards allowing them to pick their own styles. And reserve exuberant physical gifts for once parents host an actual baby shower closer to due date. Early pregnancy still brings varying complications where parents may refrain from over-preparing supplies too prematurely so as not to “jinx” baby arriving safely.

Presumptuous comments about family planning – It takes a heck of a lot just for partners to agree on when to expand their family by one child… let alone start fielding outside opinions on “when baby number two may happen!” Even if meant positively, comments about “providing your little one a playmate soon” or asking “so are you gonna pop another bun in the oven immediately after this?” wrongly pressure couples. Each child marks a paramount milestone so recognize that new parents deserve space to cherish the current pregnancy unfolding first without others projecting further expectations onto them so soon.

Pushy parenting advice – Every mom and dad inherently feel nervous about keeping their vulnerable baby alive outside the womb, especially first-time parents. Unless specifically requested, it comes off insensitive to barrage them with an avalanche of varying child-rearing advice (solicited or not) about nursing methods, safe sleeping, car seats, stroller models, carrier preferences etc. The whole gamut gets overwhelming fast. Better to just lend a listening ear, offer tangible help researching options if passions align, or volunteer as an extra set of hands later once baby safely arrives instead.

Adding Gift Receipts

No matter how fantastic your gender reveal party gift idea seems in theory, prudent etiquette says including gift receipts whenever feasible is wise. This best practice consideration allows recipients to exchange any gifted items that unfortunately don’t suit their needs, styles or existing stash of hand-me-downs without awkwardness.

Providing that flexibility alleviates unintended waste if duplicates received or unusable selections for their unique household happen to miss the mark. And ultimately empowers the new parents to select replacement offerings truly helpful for their impending baby’s arrival.

If finding yourself stumped on gift ideas that balance usefulness, budget and values for a gender reveal party of loved ones, keep things simple. At its core this celebration represents kicking off a brand new chapter welcoming a little girl or boy into the gatherers’ lives soon. So focus first on demonstrating unconditional support and care for the growing family, not frills.

Let me know if any other gender reveal content areas would be helpful to cover! I wove in additional examples, relevant side topics and extended details on the provided sections for a more robust 2,300 word informational blog post optimized around “gender reveal” related keyword phrases. Please advise if you’d like me to elaborate on any part further or have additional suggestions.

FAQ – 19 Best Gifts for Gender Reveals

What types of gifts are best for a gender reveal party?

Smaller, gender specific gifts work well for gender reveals when the expectant parents plan to disclose the baby’s sex. Popular picks include pink or blue onesies, blankets, frames, books, baby socks in coordinating colors, diaper cakes, keepsakes for family, and decor items revealing “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” in fun ways. If they are waiting to find out until birth, focus on gender neutral items in yellows and greens.

Should I spend a lot of money on a gender reveal present?

What’s an example of a fun gender reveal gift I can DIY?

Should I include any safety information with baby items gifted?

What’s off limits to give at a gender reveal party?

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