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Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts: 10 Surprising Items You Need

The endless cute onesies and stuffed animals dominating most baby registries certainly seem appealing for celebrating new arrivals. But veteran moms and dads universally agree: when that precious bundle actually appears, an arsenal of practical gear for facing the countless messy tasks and sleepless nights ahead proves infinitely more valuable.

That’s why I’ve compiled this ultimate list of the Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts for expecting parents. These are the gear-saving necessities for facing everything from blowouts to bottle prep that rarely make registries but which every new mom and dad desperately needs.

Keep reading for 10 of the best useful baby shower gift ideas almost guaranteed to make the earliest days of parenthood saner!

Why Practical Gifts Get Overlooked

Before diving into the overlooked gems, let’s first tackle why the most handy baby items often get snubbed as shower gifts in favor of frilly dresses and hooded towel sets.

They’re not as fun to shop for. Let’s face it, stacks of diapers and nasal aspirators just aren’t as enjoyable to browse for as teeny bear booties or monogrammed bibs sets during registry scouting missions. But remember, you’re shopping for frazzled parents, not cute babies!

They don’t fit rosy baby shower imaginings. Visions of ruffled onesies and diaper cakes adorning the gift table mesh better with chubby cheeked cherubs. But poopy reality quickly takes the romance out of parenting.

New parents underestimate their need. First-timers packing their registries envision needing a few small packs of wipes and diapers…not the endless supply required for dozen daily changes. So proactive loved ones must fill the gaps.

Now that we know why the boring-but-necessary items get snubbed, let’s cover gifts tired moms and dads deeply appreciate receiving!

most forgotten baby shower gifts
most forgotten baby shower gifts

1. White Noise Machine


This magical device mimics muffled whooshing womb noises, helping ease tiny newborns accustomed to loud internal gurglings transition to external world silence. The calming sounds also dampen disruptive clicks and clacks that startlingly awaken light-sleeping babies.

What to look for when buying one:

  • Multiple sound options like rain, waves, or heartbeat
  • Adjustable volumes for little ears
  • Adapter-powered for continuous soothing
  • Auto shut-off timer function

Pro Tip: Pair a sound machine with a weighted baby sleep sack for added calming and comfort all night long.

2. Diapers & Baby Wipes

($30+ per month supply)

The sheer number of diaper changes a tiny human requires makes keeping new parents stocked with this basic essential eternally tops on their wish lists. Though the boring basics like diapers and gentle baby wipes may not photograph beautifully atop a gift table, they photograph beautifully in parents’ minds as lifesavers for handling another messy blowout at 3 AM!

Some insider tips for choosing diapers and wipes:

  • Seek sensitive skins or fragrance-free wipes to prevent rashes
  • Start with Size 1 diapers fitting newborns under 10 lbs
  • Buy multiple small packs instead of huge bulk boxes since babies grow quickly
  • Pair with a wipe dispenser, changing caddy or diaper pail to contain the chaos!

3. Travel Changing Pad


Few things evoke panic like being stranded mid-hike or in a dim parking garage staring down an impending diaper blowout with no good surface in sight for this nasty business. Portable changing pads provide a handy cushioned and wipeable surface for just these inevitable emergencies.

Key features to look for include:

  • Thick cushioning providing insulation and comfort
  • Wipeable, waterproof surface for easy cleanup
  • Integrated pockets fitting diapers, wipes, disposal bags discreetly
  • Carry handle for transporting this lifesaving gear everywhere

For bonus points, toss in a wet/dry bag too for sealing up stinky clothing or cloth diapers when no laundering options exist.

4. Burp Cloths & Bandana Bibs

($13+ per 5-pack)

Given newborns’ propensity for unpredictable bodily fluid eruptions—during activities ranging from sleepy nursing sessions to playful tummy time—stocking up on absorptive burp cloths and bandana bibs makes a hugely practical gift.

Seeking out styles made of ultra-soft cotton terrycloth and durable canvas that also conveniently machine wash makes repeat mess cleanups less stressful for parents. Just toss the dirty bib in the laundry and swap in a fresh one between explosive episodes!

5. Baby Healthcare & Grooming Essentials


Streamlining a medicine cabinet tailored specially for baby helps ensure new parents are fully stocked with all the medical must-haves they might urgently require at 3 AM when drugstores are inconveniently closed. Packing these vital supplies in a cute bin or caddy also makes for darling shower gift presentation.

Some handy items to include:

  • Baby nail clippers & emery boards
  • Infant fever & pain reducers
  • Bulb syringe for mucus removal
  • Saline spray & nose balm
  • Gas relief drops
  • Digital rectal thermometer
  • Teething tablets, gel, and rings
  • Diaper rash cream & wax

Having this gear ready to go before issues crop up saves many frantic midnight pharmacy runs in coming months!

6. Bassinet Sheets

($17+ per 2-pack)

While crib sheets make nearly all baby registries, fitted sheets sized specifically for compact infant sleep spaces like bassinets, portable cribs, and co-sleeper attachments see equally heavy use in earliest months but are often overlooked.

Bassinet sheets see plenty of action thanks to their scaled-down size fitting the smaller mattresses parents keep directly beside their own beds for easy middle-of-the-night nursing access. Yet these workhorses rarely receive their due!

Keep an eye out for:

  • 100% soft cotton
  • Stretchy jersey knits
  • Versatile prints working for either boy or girl nurseries
  • Fits mattresses depths up to 6 inches
  • Ideal 28 x 14 inch bassinet mattress size

This small but mighty baby shower gift checks off both cute and functional boxes.

most forgotten baby shower gifts
most forgotten baby shower gifts

7. Homemade Meal Delivery Service Gift Card


Few things generate more postpartum joy for exhausted new moms than coming downstairs to a hearty and nutritious home-cooked dinner ready to simply reheat and enjoy. Meal delivery gift cards provide new parents this tasty relief without spending scarce free time grocery shopping and cooking amidst baby’s earliest weeks.

Seeking out healthy, family-style prepared meal services delivering ready-to-eat entrees and hearty sides that just require quick reheating removes an oft-overwhelming task from parents’ plates when they need the break most.

Whether you choose a popular national company like HelloFresh or a local restaurant, this baby shower gift offers delicious help adjusting to the first frightening weeks navigating parenting.

8. Bottle Cleaning Caddy & Drying Rack


The numerous dishwasher-safe bottle parts, nipples, caps, collars, and accessories accompanying bottle feeding systems that each require extensive post-use cleaning adds another taxing element to parenting. Weary moms and dads quickly appreciate loved ones simplifying this chore even marginally.

Handy bottle cleaning and storage gear includes:

  • Drying racks providing dedicated space allowing pieces to drip dry hygienically together
  • Divided caddies corralling related parts needing cleaning or refrigeration
  • Bottle scrub brushes with angled handles easing the cleaning grind

Gift one or all of the above to transform the bottle cleaning grind at least slightly more bearable!

9. High Contrast Baby Books


Sharp black and white patterns in high contrast infant board books provide crucial early visual stimulation for rapidly developing newborns who struggle focusing on much else in the busy world around them. The stark images allow babies to more easily track shapes improving visual coordination skills.

These mesmerizing books make ideal baby shower additions for:

  • Boosting key visual development
  • Helping baby focus attention
  • Providing enrichment even for preemies
  • Aiding cognitive and motor growth
  • Entertaining without overstimulation
  • Giving parents’ arms a break!

Choose durable board book styles featuring spirals, dots, lines, shapes, or friendly animal faces that capture infant attention spans.

10. Gift Cards


Realistically, no one knows what expectant parents truly need to prepare for facing their new 24/7 poop-scooping, bedtime battling, feeding-on-demand job better than they will once that sweet-eyed cherub starts sharpening their tiny claws!

Giving the gift of choice in the form of gift cards offering flexibility for Mom and Dad to snag yet-to-be-realized essentials they discover they desperately need those first few weeks is truly the kindest baby shower gift.

Some ideas include cards for mega retailers like Target and Walmart offering everything baby under one roof, or specialty stores like BuyBuy Baby catering specifically to expectant parents crossing items off their registries.

Hopefully these useful most forgotten baby shower gift ideas help inspire outside-the-baby-box ideas for presenting new parents useful tools for thriving amidst the wildest early weeks of this life-changing adventure called parenting!

FAQ – Most forgotten baby shower gifts

What are the most forgotten baby shower gifts?

The most forgotten baby shower gifts are the ones that are either too common, too expensive, too personal, or too impractical. Some examples are diapers, baby clothes, baby blankets, baby bottles, baby toys, baby books, etc. These gifts are often overlooked by the guests because they assume that the mom-to-be already has them, or they are too easy to buy, or they are not suitable for the baby’s age, gender, or preferences.

 Why should I avoid the most forgotten baby shower gifts?

How can I find out the most forgotten baby shower gifts?

What are some alternatives to the most forgotten baby shower gifts?

How can I make the most forgotten baby shower gifts more memorable?

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