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What to Give on a Baby Gender Reveal Party

My sister recently shared the exciting news that she is expecting a new baby. As her due date gets closer, planning has begun for hosting an unforgettable baby gender reveal party to celebrate with family and friends. As an attendee looking forward to the celebrations and games, a common question myself and others may have is “what to give on a baby gender reveal party?”

From gifts that directly correlate to the reveal itself to post-party keepsakes for the parents-to-be, there is certainly no shortage of fun and meaningful ideas. Here is an overview of some of the top gift recommendations worth considering for the baby gender reveal party on your calendar.

Build Excitement with Gender-Neutral Décor

Part of the anticipation leading up to the big reveal is having the element of surprise. Items guests can gift before the reveal itself that embrace the neutral theme help set the tone.

For example, bringing basic party decorations like balloons, streamers, confetti, banners, and other embellishments solely in white, green, yellow, or other gender-neutral hues is a great option. These provide a blank canvas so the designated “blue for boy” and “pink for girl” items can take center stage later.

Having small decorative containers on hand like boxes, gift bags or envelopes to tuck the upcoming surprise inside is also useful for building the suspense for the parents. It gives guests something to hold and pass around while guesses fly on whether a little brother or sister is on the way!

what to give on a baby gender reveal party

Enhance the Reveal Itself with Decorations

As my sister gets closer sharing the baby’s gender, no doubt she has thoughtfully planned a fun reveal activity for us all. Items guests can bring to directly complement uncovering the news makes the experience even more joyful.

Popular gender reveal gifts and décor include:

  • Confetti poppers and cannons pre-filled with coordinating blue or pink confetti
  • Customized decorations featuring the designated “boy” or “girl” colors
  • Decorative thematic items like “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” signs, table runners, backdrops, candles, and garlands that set the proper mood once the secret is unveiled

Having these gender-coded items on hand helps differentiate and call out the special meaning behind the reveal activity itself. It provides lasting visual mementos for the parents announcing “boy” or “girl” with added symbolism.

Of course the temptation as a guest is to want to gift decorative items that overtly shout “boy” or “girl” right off the bat. But during the reveal party, the emphasis is on building eager anticipation first. So decorative items that subtly nod to one gender over the other should be opened only after the big reveal.

Keeping decor ambiguous at first ensures you don’t inadvertently spoil the surprise too early if more obvious “boy” or “girl” décor is opened prematurely! The parents may have a creative reveal lined up – perhaps involving scratching off paint off a canvas to uncover blue or pink for instance. So decorations should match the tone of the activities planned.

Commemorate the Day with Special Keepsakes

Alongside the hoopla and excitement the actual reveal brings is the opportunity for guests to gift lasting mementos parents can treasure long after the confetti settles. These post-party keepsake ideas commemorate the wonderful occasion beautifully:

  • Personalized baby items customized with the name (or pending name options) featuring the colors blue or pink depending on gender
  • Commemorative photo frames adorned with baby imagery that parents can display filled with pictures from the gender reveal party itself
  • Decorative pieces like ceramic baby booties, picture frames, plaques and other ornamental items themed with baby boy vs girl illustrations that serve as lovely home accents to always remember the wonderful celebration and loved ones who attended

Keepsake gifts allow parents relive the sweet baby gender party and delightful reactions from everyone each time they see these precious mementos.

I’m thinking for my sister, an engraved platter featuring an imagine of her reading a storybook to her little one – either dressed in blue or pink – would be a particularly heartwarming gift. That way the memory of all her loved ones assembled to shower her baby with blessings is immortalized through a keepsake she can proudly display.

Present Practical Gifts Mom and Dad Can Use

While keepsakes and party-centric décor make for fun gender reveal gifts, also consider practical gifts expectant parents have looming ahead:

  • Gift cards to popular baby stores so parents can embark on the fun journey of gender specific nursery decoration and shopping for clothes/gear
  • Essentials like diapers, baby blankets, hampers, bibs, and other care items suited for either a boy or girl
  • Self-care baskets for the mom and dad featuring lotions, luxury slippers, tea packets, candle, face masks, or other pampering goodies to help them relax and recharge during early parenthood

Along with the excitement of the reveal are many preparations ahead. Giving parents useful items they’ll actually need saves them time shopping and spending, plus reiterates your willingness to help equip them for raising a boy or girl in the months to follow!

I plan to gift my sister aADEDICATE baby care basket brimming with organic skincare products and aromatherapy candles to promote relaxation, along with gift coupons to her favorite prenatal massage spa. That way she can take some “me time” amidst all the planning and preparation in the coming months.

Showcasing my eagerness to treat her to self-care luxuries is a thoughtful way to convey my excitement for her new role as a mother ahead!

what to give on a baby gender reveal party

Food and Decorative Favors Extend the Party

A few ideas to make the gender reveal celebrations last beyond the big reveal itself are providing food gifts and favors guests can take home.

  • Custom made cookies, cake pops, candy, and other tasty treats decorated coordinating blue or pink colors
  • Personalized drinkware like cups, cans, and stemless glasses etched the with “boy” or “girl” announcement details so guests can toast with memorabilia
  • Favor bags, boxes, jars, signs and other decorative containers in the designated gender colors guests can use to commemorate and transport tiny gifts like candles, cookies, lottery tickets that prolong the fun

Edible items and decorative favors are affordable ways for guests to further participate in the merriment of welcoming the expected baby boy or girl!

For favors, I’m thinking personalized champagne flutes for the adults and custom-made lollipops for any kids at the party. That way everyone has memorabilia featuring “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” they can take home and enjoy while reflecting on the lovely reveal event.

And mini cupcakes frosted either blue or pink are the perfect directional colors without needing overly sugary treats. The minimalist decorations coordinate the gender aesthetics beautifully!

Extra Touches Confirm Your Thoughtfulness

A few finishing gift ideas that provide extra delight for parents:

  • Monogrammed items like blankets, burp clothes, nursery décor or picture frames featuring the baby name (or frontrunners if still undecided) with anticipated birth details engraved
  • A baby memory book or gender reveal party photo album to tuck candid party snapshots inside so parents can add images from ultrasound appointments and preserve cherished memories
  • Customized parenting or “what to expect when expecting” guide books featuring parenting tips for raising either a boy or girl

Personalized extras that call out the baby’s name, expected due date, and gender make for ultra-thoughtful gifts new parents appreciate. Resources to aid their parenting journey centered on their anticipated baby boy or girl reiterates your ongoing support.

In closing, baby gender reveals have become the new tradition to gather loved ones together for a joy-filled occasion celebrating baby and joining parents on the journey ahead. With so many wonderful ideas – from party and reveal focused gifts to lasting keepsakes and practical presents– guests wondering “what to give on a baby gender reveal” party have ample options that will wow the guest of honor!

FAQ – what to give on a baby gender reveal party

Q1: What are some creative and unique gift ideas for a baby gender reveal party?

A1: Consider gifts that align with the chosen color scheme representing the baby’s gender. For example, if it’s a girl, pink-themed items such as onesies, blankets, or baby accessories are great choices. If it’s a boy, go for blue-themed gifts. Personalized items like custom onesies or baby blankets with the baby’s name and gender can add a special touch.

Q2: Is it appropriate to bring gender-neutral gifts to a baby gender reveal party?

A2: Absolutely! Gender-neutral gifts are a thoughtful option, especially if the parents-to-be have chosen not to reveal the gender in advance. Neutral colors like yellow, green, or gray work well, and practical gifts such as diapers, wipes, or gift cards are always appreciated, regardless of the baby’s gender.

Q3: Are there any specific gift ideas for a gender reveal party if the parents already have children?

A3: If the parents have older children, consider gifts that involve the whole family. Board games, family photo frames, or gift certificates for family outings can be great choices. Sibling-themed gifts, like “big brother” or “big sister” shirts, can help involve older siblings in the excitement of the upcoming arrival.

Q4: Should I bring a gift if the gender is already known before the party?

A4: Yes, bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is a thoughtful gesture, even if the gender is already known. Opt for items that reflect the parents’ preferences or needs, such as practical baby essentials, books, or nursery decor. If in doubt, gift cards to baby stores or online retailers are versatile and always appreciated.

Q5: Can I give a joint gift for both the parents-to-be at a gender reveal party?

A5: Absolutely! While it’s common to focus on baby-related gifts, giving a joint gift for the parents-to-be is a wonderful idea. Consider a spa day, a date night gift certificate, or a thoughtful item for their home. It’s a great way to acknowledge the parents’ excitement and the journey they are about to embark on together.

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